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WYZE OUTDOOR CAM 🙍 4 Biggest Complaints, Review & Alternative 🏠

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Wyze started taking our money for an outdoor cam that ship 'August 1st' (from China?), which means they finally announced the  specs, and boy were a lot of people disappointed!

We read a ton of comments from YT FB & Reddit and the 4 biggest complaints boiled down to:

trying to get view to your youtube video????   forget it.  how about posting a real link to the reddit about the complaints if they are real

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How can anyone have any legit reviews when the Wyze Cam Outdoor will not ship until Aug 1st? Anyone who got a beta test version is legally bound to a non-disclosure agreement and will not be able to talk about it. Even if they break the agreement, what they have is a test version, not the production version.

I do like Wyze. I have many of their products including a dozen cameras, the fitness band, the scale.

What you have posted there is click bait. Similar to those so-called news articles that start with "Woman calls police on cheating husband but then she finds..." or "Do this one weird trick to lose weight."

At least the click bait was posted in the right place, in Shameless Plugs.