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Echo Plus - Temperature slider control

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Echo Plus - Temperature slider control
« on: August 24, 2020, 01:08:07 pm »
Hi all,

New user here, so I'm sorry if this is the wrong place or this has been asked before. I did a search and didn't see anything about it in the first page or so of responses...

I'm using the Echo Plus to control my wall AC with its internal temperature sensor. It appears to work well, but I have a couple questions, hoping someone here experience with it:

1) The slider control in the Alexa app is awful. You can barely see the value you're setting, and you can't see it at all once you release the control or go back to edit the routine. I realize this isn't an Alexa App forum, but is there a way to change that? Or some way to write a custom app / skill that could speak to the Alexa app and make the settings in a way I can read them? I've never written an Alexa skill... but as a 30 yr software engineer, it might be an interesting task

2) Does anyone know how temperature events are triggered in the Alexa app (or within the Echo Plus... or wherever they are triggered)? What I mean is: is the temperature polled every XX seconds and the event fired when it's noticed to meet requirements? Or is it a triggered event that happens when the threshold is met (ie: the temp actually rises above 75 degrees F)?

Again, sorry if this is the wrong place... but thanks for any help