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Display dlink camera on echo show

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Display dlink camera on echo show
« on: August 17, 2020, 03:23:44 am »
need some assistance

Draytek router
Smartthings wifi hub
Echo dot and an echo show
Dlink dcs8600lh exterior camera - which I identify as "backdoor"

Have installed mydlink application on Android tablet
Have enabled mydlink smart skill on alexa and alexa recognises camera as a device
Mydlink app will show camera  video
Echo show announces when camera detects motion
BUT when I tell alexa to "show backdoor" get OK response, screen says waiting for mydlink and time out after about 20 seconds

The echo show happily shows video from a tp-link kasa camera

Have rebbooted camera, disabled and re-enabled the dlink smart skill, rebooted both smartthings wifi hub, router and even moved  camera so it uses another wifi access point. Still same results.

What am I missing?

Extract from response by dlink tech support
_______________________________Problem reported: DCS-8600LH

Peter is unable to view the video on alexa using the DCS-8600LH camera.


Troubleshooting: - Peter told me that on the mydlink application he can see perfectly the video.
- When the camera detects a motion and he view it on the Alexa app he can't see the video and the error saying "waiting for the dlink to load" but on the dlink app is working.
- Peter already power off and on the camera, check the settings and the internet its all working but when he view it using alexa he can't view it.
- Suggested to contact Alexa technical support for further checking.


Thanks in advance
Peter tyers

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