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Echo Dot - cuts in and out ONLY when streaming Terrestrial Radio stations

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I have contacted Amazon on this issue and had it escalated BUT maybe SOMEONE else has or had this problem?

i have both an Echo and an Echo Dot - for years now. I have the 2nd Gen Dot.  I like to listen to Terrestrial radio along w/ Pandora, Sirius etc. It's been a week now - and ONLY - I repeat ONLY on the Dot does this occur.  It will cut on and off when I am playing a Terrestrial Radio station NOT with Pandora, Sirius radio or anything else - JUST TERRESTRIAL stationa - The ECHO does NOT do this as I said.
I have done ALL of the troubleshooting - It is NOT a WIFI problem, or TuneIn, iHeart, problem as they ALL do this - doesn't matter which service I ask for or use. All the resets have been done. The ONLY thing I can think of is that the Radio stations have changed something within the frequencies - the refresh rate  - and my DOT is not reading it- BECAUSE... I clocked it - and for THREE (3) minutes it will play whatever it is playing - then cut out for EXACTLY :30 seconds - then come back on. This happens for as long as i can stand to listen to the station in this way.  AND depending on when you start streaming or listening to the station it will cut off immediately or not - so it depends on WHERE the station was in the cycle when you started listening and THEN it will do the 3 min - :30 sec cycle as described above.
I am sure not many people clocked it like have have, but SOMEONE probably has this same problem - Can anyone please advise?  I don't know when Tech. Support will be able to help- and YES i gave them ALL of this info.  Thanks in advance!

did you try swapping locations with the two dots?