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Smart Wi-Fi two gangedswitch - how to assign separate functions?

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Hi there,

I have at last managed to find some smart switches that work without a Neutral wire to fit in my house (in the UK). These are the switches:

I have them working fine, through Smart Home, but both gangs of the switch work whenever I turn them on using Alexa - so my porch light and hallway light always light up at the same time (not really a problem - but  my kitchen under counter lighting comes on when I turn on the rear door light  ;D).

Each of the 'gangs' can be named, but I can't work out how to get Alexa to work these individually, rather than using the name I have given the switch (ie the Porch Light one is called Porch light, but has two 'gang' switches called Porch and Hall). I'm sure this is quite simple, but it has me stumped at the moment - does anyone have any ideas?


Mike  8)