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Noob question - homebrew a power pack for echo dot to make it portable?

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Funny - I like to think I think of weird / useful kluges.  But I've been running my dot in the kitchen, then a bluetooth speaker I got at a trade show out on the deck.  Battery life on the speaker is short.

My son said - why not run the dot (gen 3 if it matters?) from batteries.  DUH!

So the power supply is 12v 1.25A.

I have a bunch of battery sticks from trade shows - so I guess they put out 5v.  and use 18650 batteries (3.7v?). 

a) Is there a way to take a couple of those USB battery sticks and get the 12V the dot needs? (does it really use 1.2A?)

b) I was thinking of cutting up the power supply to get the barrel connector.  Anyone know a cheap source for them?

c) if not the battery sticks, anyone have a schematic for a cheap battery pack for the dot?  Maybe using these 3.7v batteries I have a bunch of? (I open up the battery packs and get the 18650s out and use them in flashlights.


amazon sells batteries for dots

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If you get a Dot gen 2, it uses a 5 volt micro USB plug for power.