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Using Echo to Shop? (MSc Project Questionnaire Included)

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Using Echo to Shop? (MSc Project Questionnaire Included)
« on: July 06, 2020, 09:48:52 am »
Hi everyone!

Nancy here - I am currently an Echo Dot user in the UK, a masters student majoring in Human Computer Interaction in University of Nottingham. Fancy name for a major, but it is basically a study of user experiences.

I've always been a fan of IoT products, and I love trying out new functions and skills on my Echo. Out of the skills I found the Alexa shopping skill quite interesting (and controversial), and actually made it into my Master's dissertation project.

I am curious to know how you utilise the shopping skill set and incorporate (or reject) this in your daily routines at home, i.e. I would like to understand how this skill is used in context of household settings. With that being said, I would like to ask for your kind help to participate in my questionnaire, which would not take more than 5~10 minutes to finish. I would love to get to know your thoughts!

**Note) You can also participate even if you do not have experience using the shopping skil. It would be great to know your thoughts regardless!

**EDIT: In the questionnaire, you can also opt in for 30-min remote online home interview to share your smart speaker experiences in more detail, in which you would be compensated with 10GBP Amazon Voucher for your time.

Below is the link to my Microsoft forms questionnaire (You can find the link to full project details and privacy note within the form). If you'd have any questions regarding my project, feel free to reach out to me on or my supervisor Stuart at

Thank you for your time! Hope everyone is staying safe.


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