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Echo Dot suddenly can't see LAYEN BS-1 adaptor device - worked fine before

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I've been using a LAYEN BS-1 adaptor to connect Alexa with my old Bose Sound-dock to provide me with a decent speaker and when I first got the Echo (Generation 2) this worked immediately and very well.  Suddenly it stopped working.  The Echo now can't see the LAYEN device to connect to it.

I checked the LAYEN adaptor, but it works perfectly with all of the 4 phones we have in our household (1x iPhone and 3 x Androids - all diff manufacturers) and it seems that it's just the Echo that can't see it.

The Echo works fine otherwise and also connects easily to any phone, and sees my Amazon tablet and a smart-plug too.  It just has a problem with this one device.

I have tried doing a hard reset of the Echo, and re-pairing - made no difference, still doesn't see the LAYEN device.

I suspect something changed with the Echo in a software update, but can't find any info on this...

Anyone else experienced this?  Any ideas?