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Intermittent music playback

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Intermittent music playback
« on: June 09, 2020, 10:55:40 pm »
I have an Echo, 5 gen 2 dots, 2 Shows, 2 gen 3 dots and a Bose 500. I have various speaker groups with various devices in the group. (Of course thr Bose will not join any, PITA) I have Prime and Siriusxm for music sources. The biggest problem I have is getting music to play continuously on a group, especially from Prime. Speaker groups can be from three to all devices on the group. There are times there will be no sound from the devices but the app states they are playing. There are times one song will be played and then stops. XM will usually play for a few hours, but not always. Of course everything is on the same Wi-Fi network and the signal is strong.
I have three Google devices in a speaker group and will play music until I tell it to stop.
Alexa also controls around 13 light switches/lamp modules and does a very good job with almost no failures.