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Echo (3rd Gen) Stereo Issue with Bluetooth Connected Device

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I have two Echo (3rd Gen) devices connected in stereo. Playback controlled by the Echo such as Amazon Music is fine and in stereo. Also, Echo play of podcasts are in both speakers. So it appears that any playback streamed directly from the Echo control is played through both speakers. But if I connect my Apple iPad to the Echo via Bluetooth and stream music or podcasts from the iPad through the Echo devices, then Echo will only playback through one Echo device speaker (i.e., no stereo). Only one Echo device speaker is used. Is there a setting I missed, or is this a deficiency in the Echo stereo mode for Bluetooth streamed playback?

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Re: Echo (3rd Gen) Stereo Issue with Bluetooth Connected Device
« Reply #1 on: May 08, 2020, 11:58:07 am »
Amazon stated previously that Echo cannot play on two separate devices over Bluetooth.