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Alexa Routines is broken and/or poorly designed for actions to turn on lights!

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If you create a new routine and try to setup an action the process for turning on lights is poorly designed. I have created a routine with the following attributes:

Note: bulb 1 - 4 are all in group bedroom (4 identical bulbs).

Routine 12:00PM
   Action: lights->bulb 1->rampup 25% over 5 min
   Action: lights->bulb 2->rampup 25% over 5 min
   Action: lights->bulb 3->rampup 25% over 5 min
   Action: lights->bulb 4->rampup 25% over 5 min
   action: play music on echo

at 12:00PM, the first bulb comes on at 25% immediately, music starts playing,
5 minuites later bulb 2 comes on at 25% immediately,
5 minuites later bulb 3 comes on at 25% immediately,
5 minuites later bulb 4 comes on at 25% immediately

Additionally, if you go into group BEDROOM there is NO option to choose rampup for the lights, it On or Off thats it. The action lights-> does not allow you to select a group of lights and the group "bedtoom" does not allow you to do any other controls beside on/off.

just because it does not do what you wanted it to do don't mean it is poorly designed.   I am not sure if it can do what you are wanting.   one thing you can try (depending on the app) is to see if you can create scenes that can do what you want.  if you can, it might work with alexa.  for example, you can create the scenes you are wanting with philips hue bulbs.  alexa will discover them and you can command them that way. 
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