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Tivo App is haunting me

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Tivo App is haunting me
« on: January 31, 2020, 12:19:06 pm »
TLDR: Echo is confused between the TiVo app and my custom Scene names. How do I get it to understand my Tee Vo or TiVo voice commands and stop trying to get me to install the TiVo app?

I have TiVo controlled by a Harmony Hub Activity that turns on the Receiver and tunes it to TiVo's input, and turns on my projector, tuning it to input 1.

I have Smartthings with several switches and the TiVo Harmony Hub connection. I have two scenes in Smartthings named Turn Off Tee Vo and Turn On Tee Vo. Turning on should shut off all lights, fans, etc except the family room light, and turn on the TiVo stuff. Turning off should turn off TiVo stuff and the family room light. I've spelled it Tee Vo as a debugging attempt for the problem below.

I have Echo with the Smartthing scenes but no other reference to TiVo; no Harmony Hub connection, nothing. I have four routines set up for TiVo; Turn On Tee Vo, Turn Off Tee Vo, Screen On and Screen Off. When I say "Echo, turn on tee vo" it runs the Turn On Tee Vo scene. Same for "Echo, screen on".

Here's the problem. A while back Echo suggested, and I accepted, to install the TiVo app. I didn't like using the app, so I deleted it. Ever since I've been having problems with Echo asking if I wanted to reinstall the app, or getting confused between TV and TiVo, or just saying there's no such thing.

I've been spelling it Tee Vo as a debugging step to see if it better isolates the request, but it doesn't. Saying "Echo, screen on" works 100%, so how do I make Echo forget about the TiVo app, and/or force it to understand Tee Vo/TiVo?

If I were a developer I'd make my custom routine requests take precedent over any similar sounding but not-what-I-want-to-run commercial names.

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Re: Tivo App is haunting me
« Reply #1 on: January 31, 2020, 02:50:48 pm »
I have a similar problem with a different skill that keeps wanting to install. But I've found that it all comes down to pronunciation. When people say Tivo, they say it as one word, fluidly. E.g. teevo. And that's what Alexa & Tivo skill is expecting. Since you want to use your own scene and not the Tivo skill, you have to say it as two words. E.g. tee (a very tiny pause) vo.