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Strange behavior with basic commands like play, pause, resume, etc

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Over the last several days, one of my Echo’s (first gen) has been acting very odd in a way that makes no sense.  When using basic commands like play, pause, resume etc., this particular Echo responds with “I couldn’t find a device or group named in Chuck’s profile”.  What’s even more odd is that this behavior will last for approximately an hour and then she will respond normally and execute the appropriate command - until something triggers her to fail again.  I have done several factory resets, power cycle’s to no avail.  I then tried moving the device to my parents account and couldn’t get her to fail so I suspecting it has something to do with my account.  If this were the case however, I would expect my other devices on my account to similarly fail which is not the case.  I’ve opened a case with Amazon and submitted my log files.  In the interim, I thought I would check to see if anyone else had any ideas...


Re: Strange behavior with basic commands like play, pause, resume, etc
« Reply #1 on: November 14, 2019, 04:17:57 am »
If I have the radio playing with my echo show it will not respond to the "Alexa" command to enable me to stop it. It picks up the command perfectly to start it.