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Echo Show Gen 2 Screen Bleed

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Echo Show Gen 2 Screen Bleed
« on: October 20, 2019, 12:54:44 pm »
I have a pair of Echo Gen 2 Show devices and enjoy them a bunch.  I bought both at the same time a little over a year ago and theyíve been great.  The one in my living room is used a lot more than the one in my office so I kind of expect a bit more degradation on the living room Show.  Unfortunately, I wasnít expecting the screen to ďbleedĒ the white letter overlays.  By bleeding, I mean when the Show puts an ad, notification, game result or recommendation up over my background pictures, there are white semi-transparent lines extending from each letter/image to the top of the screen.  The white letters are clear and easily readable but the screen wash they create is a bit annoying.  Iíve rebooted, reset, etc. but the problem persists.  It seems like the video graphic driver for the overlay function is corrupt but Iím not sure.  I canít blame firmware since both Shows are running the same firmware and I canít blame hardware as the image is great as long as there is no white text overlaying the image/video.  Anyone else experience this and did you find a solution other than pitching it in the trash and getting a replacement?