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Apps reminders and alarms drop down menu

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Apps reminders and alarms drop down menu
« on: October 11, 2019, 12:55:35 pm »
Please help!  I have called amazon support two or three times and they are no help. I have a large family and several echos. I use the app a lot to set reminders and alarms when I am away from home or in a different room. The app used to have a drop down when I pushed reminders and alarms. It would show the individual devices, like “boys” or “kitchen”. Now there is no drop down and Everyone’s reminders and alarms are all mixed together. It does say in small print under the reminder what device it is, but it’s very confusing. Amazon said that was an update to the iOS devices. But now my Fire tablet does it too. Does yours.?  Can I fix it?  Thank you.