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Fire TV Stick, Sonos Beam integration

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Fire TV Stick, Sonos Beam integration
« on: September 04, 2019, 06:20:31 pm »
Hello folks, I have a 4k Fire TV Stick and Sonos Beam attached to the same TV. I believe I have everything connected together correctly. If I tell the Beam "Pause, Play, etc", it works fine with some Fire TV apps like Hulu. But if I do the same commands with the Amazon music app, Alexa replies "Sorry, that device is not supported". Makes no sense.

I do understand that I should need to say "Alexa, tell Living Room Fire TV Stick to pause", and that does work. But that's a lot for folks to remember. It's like the Beam seems to understand when the fire tv stick is playing video and is smart enough to route commands to it. But if the fire tv stick is playing music, it knows the commands aren't for it but doesn't know where to route the command. Any thoughts?

Thank you,