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Is there any way to confine a routine to a particular echo

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I want the echo in my room to do a "good morning" routine just in my room when only spoken in my room.  Thus if I say good morning in a different room/echo it doesn't respond in my room.  Therefor another bedroom can say "good morning" and it only respond in that room and echo device.  I know that it is confined to my echo doing the routine when set up as to where it responds.  Seems ridiculous to have to create a different name for the routine for such a much used phrase. 

Re: Is there any way to confine a routine to a particular echo
« Reply #1 on: August 27, 2019, 02:48:18 pm »
I "Echo" your comments also. The same argument can be made for the "Good Night command also. We use these commands to turn on & off our bedroom lights. If I'm up reading in my room, I would like the echo in another bedroom to execute the same commands for that room independently. Your original post has been viewed many times but on one seems to have an answer or at least agrees with it.

Re: Is there any way to confine a routine to a particular echo
« Reply #2 on: August 27, 2019, 08:33:38 pm »
Pretty much the answer is "However you set up the routine, it will do what you ask".

Hence, I have a routine that runs *from* whatever echo I set it up on. "Goodnight" I have set up, so no matter which echo I run it from, it turns off certain lights and other lights on low level and starts a music station I have it set to. The routine will apply the lights as decided, but the music will play on the echo that "took" the command. So if you are not in the bedroom when saying "Goodnight" the music will not play in the bedroom, but on the echo that you were nearest, and heard the command.It's no use to have music in the kitchen... when going to bed.

The only thing I'd like for this routine to do that I cannot find a way to make happen, is to insert a timer for the lights that are turned on by the command, so they turn off automatically after an hour or so... So I just plug my phone in when I go to bed and open the Hue app and go to HUE routines and I have a timer set up to cover that part for now. I set up this routine a long time ago and there may be new ways to get the results I want, but I have not looked into it lately.

The music portion of the routine asked me for a set time to play and stop... the lighting part did not, when I set this up. Like I said... it may be different now. I set up originally through Alexa phone app on iPhone. It had a lot of options... just not all the ones I wanted in the right places.
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