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Echo & Smart TV issue

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Echo & Smart TV issue
« on: June 27, 2019, 12:30:59 pm »
So yesterday I received my Echo Show 5 and straight away set it up with ease in my lounge and went through the instructions on adding my LG smart TV for which the voice commands worked perfectly.


Today I received my Echo Dot (3rd gen) and subsequently moved the echo show into the kitchen (physically moved the device into the other room and set up a kitchen group on my app and moved it there too). Next I powered up my Dot and added it to the lounge group as that is where it physically resides.


The result of this is that I can still only control the TV with voice commands by talking to the Echo Show in the kitchen. The Echo Dot in the lounge reacts by telling me she cannot locate a device called TV.


How do I get to use this voice command option in the lounge on my Dot? I have deregistered and re-registered the TV but this hasn't changed anything.


Please help