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Repeating alarms marked completed randomly

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Repeating alarms marked completed randomly
« on: June 17, 2019, 08:23:33 am »
So this only happens on my 2nd gen echo show.  I have four daily reminders, things from reminding my son to brush or take his ADD medicine, to my reminders for feeding the fish.  And they randomly get marked as completed for no apparent reason, and I don't know until I wonder why it didn't fire off the next day.

I've done the factory reset of the device, I removed the Alexa app from my iPad Pro thinking maybe it was an issue having the app on two devices (iPad and iPhone X) and then even deleted and reinstalled on my iPhone X so it's the only thing with the app on it.

But nothing seems to matter, and the instances of deletion are totally random.  Sometimes it'll be 3 days before something vanishes to "completed" and other times it may take it 9 or 10 days and then suddenly two are gone.  There is no consistent pattern.

Amazon support was pretty useless since all they could tell me was "delete and reinstall the app" which has been done twice now...

Anyone else seeing this happen?