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Echo Dot with Bose Soundlink Mini wired (not Bluetooth) AUX drop out.

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Our Echo Dot is connected to a Bose Soundlink Mini by Aux cable. When I first set this up it worked fine. Even when there was no input from the Dot the speaker continued to show the 'Aux' lit up and gave sound when needed. Recently when there has been no input the 'Aux' goes off and we have to press the power button on the Soundlink Mini for it to illuminate again and the speaker to give sound. I have contacted Bose by email and they kept telling me how to get the Bluetooth working even though I repeatedly told them it was an 'Aux' issue then they said it was an Echo Dot issue.
Today Bose said there is no auto-off disable function available for the SoundLink Mini. If this has remained on in the past, the Echo Dot may have been emitting something that was preventing the signal from detecting zero response. Despite the speaker being plugged into power, the speaker will engage auto-off if no signal is detected within 30 minutes of non-use as a power saving measure. Is there any setting on the Dot which might maintain the Aux connectivity?