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Alexa and Honeywell home

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Alexa and Honeywell home
« on: March 01, 2019, 06:59:24 pm »
I have installed 2 Honeywell T5 thermostats in my home as I have 2 separate heaters/ zones. I have a Honeywell Home account that has both thermostats registered and uniquely named. I went and enabled the Honeywell home skill with Alexa, and it finds one thermostat just fine - but not the other. ( yes, I have tried many times ) When I contact Honeywell they respond by:   If Honeywell Home sees both thermostats and you can control and set them via the Honeywell home app- then you enable the Honeywell home skill with Alexa - If Alexa can't identify both thermostats, then it is a Alexa issue.

  Can anybody help or have any suggestions?