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Overall operation of all Echo products severaly reduced since the new year . . .

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My neighbors and I went Echo nutz before and around Christmas. I bought a bunch at Christmas as gifts and as I set them up things aren't happening as I have been able to do or have read we can do, but we all are noticing that things that Echo/Alexa did that made go nutz about this platform are gone or are slowly disappearing. I heard that so many of these devices were sold that in certain areas of the world there were problems due to the servers being overwhelmed. Is that still happening and could be part of or the problem?

Me personally, I had many Routines with connected Skills that worked great. Now I evoke a Routine and either nothing happens or only part of the Routine fires off. Set ups in the Alexa app that once were flawless, are failing as a whole or in part. Written out paths to music in connected apps no longer work and are being substituted with Amazon Music selections that have nothing to do with the original genre AND there is no way to delete or disconnect the connection. Skills are becoming non-response for us all. AND Alexa has become really dumb. Even dumber than a "box of rocks". I have the "follow up" option turned on and she does not stick much around anymore and at times I have to yell at her to get and repsonse. We are getting her failure responses or quick disconnects with "raspberries" for just about everything now. So what we use to be able to do with these things has gone or is disappearing day by day.

Anyone else noticing any of this or have a fix for it . . . .