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Clock Face

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Clock Face
« on: February 07, 2019, 07:41:00 am »
 I have two Spots, one in my bedroom (the best bedside clock I ever had) and another one in my computer room.
 The one in my bedroom works exactly as I want it too. I play a rain sound skill or my local radio station at night and then after a few seconds, it goes back to the clock face. I just got my second Spot yesterday for my computer room. I play my local radio station and it stays on the radio logo forever until I say HOME, whereas I want it to go back to the clock face after a few seconds like my bedroom Spot.  As far as I can tell both Spots settings are the same. Any advice would be appreciated as to how to get the computer room Spot to go back to the clock after a few seconds without me saying home. 
 One other thing. I noticed the newest Spot sound is slightly muffled. Hopefully, it needs to break the speaker in. My bedroom Spot, which I got last summer, is a reconditioned one, whereas my computer room one is new.  So I guess the reconditioned one was already broken in? Who knows. I hate to have to send the new Spot back.

Joe Sica