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Alexa wonít play my playlist

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Alexa wonít play my playlist
« on: January 13, 2019, 12:59:55 pm »
Iím sure this has been asked a lot and been beaten to death. I have 4 Echo devices and all 4have the same issue as well as the app on my phone.

I have 5 playlists created and will play fine from the Amazon Music app on my phone choosing songs or playlists manually. If I ask Alexa to play a certain playlist she says she doesnít see the playlist. Of the 5 playlists she will only recognize 2. I have renamed, asked in different ways and still same result. I have the Amazon Unlimited account.

I have researched and I find that this has been an ongoing issue for a few years but I have not found a fix. I contacted Amazo and they opened a tick but said they will ge back to me next week sometime.

Thanks in advance for any help.