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Using 2 different accounts in the same household.

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Using 2 different accounts in the same household.
« on: January 12, 2019, 10:01:33 am »
I'm an American living in Germany. My partner is German and our echo is set up with her account and in German (my app is in English.) We have prime so we can access amazon music. I can do some simple stuff but when Alexa gets too detailed I can not follow (definitely not fluent in German.)

We have 2 echo dots. The one in the bedroom is set for English and I can use it for the time and music. I'd like to have an English flash briefing and other English skills. I do have an account.

So, my question is can I set up the echo dot with my .com account while the echo is the .de account? And if so do I have to reset or de register the dot to do this. If I had known how difficult it would be to use Alexa I might have chosen a different Christmas