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Help in setting up my 5 Echo dots with 3 users

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Help in setting up my 5 Echo dots with 3 users
« on: January 08, 2019, 08:22:08 pm »
So I want to acomplish a different setup, and figured a forum like this would be a great place to get some useful information and they pay it forward once the central america and Mexico posts start coming in.

I have a USA and a MX Amazon account.  Both use the same email address as log in.  I have amazon prime in Mexico, and I purchased the yearly family plan of Amazon Music.

At the moment I have 5 echo dots.  My first echo dot I got via Amazon MX, but I am pretty sure it ended up tied up to my USA Amazon account, since I get notifications when my USA packages are delivered, also when I ask Alexa "WHere is my stuff" it only mentions my USA puchases.  I also seem to think that Amazon Music is actually Amazon Music, they don't offer Amazon Music Mx.

I live in Cancun Mexico at the moment.  I have my own place with two echos, with both of them setup in English with my login account.

My girlfriend lives a few blocks away with her daughter, and we share the same LAN via wireless anetna.  There are 3 echos at her house, her bedroom, the little girls bedroom and the living room downstairs.  Two of them are set up with my girlfriends Amazon account, and one with an account we created for the little girl.  All these 3 are set up in spanish.

I shared my amzon music account with both of them, so they are both able to listen to Amazon music, have their own play lists etc. 

Now the problem is that I can't seem to figure out how to tie all 5 of the echos together so we can drop in one another, and so that we can each get personalized info at any of the echos. 

Being that my two Echos are in english it might be difficult to get all 5 of them to work properly.  Worst case senario I would like for all 5 of the echos to be able to drop in on each other, my two echos set up to only recgonize me in english, and then the 3 echos at my gilfriends house in spanish should be able to recgonzie between 3 users all of them using only spanish.

So I need advice on how to register them, should all echos be under my log in?  Should I have my two in english with my login, and the other 3 under my gf's login?  Or should I keep it as I have with 2 under my log in, 2 under my gfs login, and 1 under the little girls account.

For drop in to work do all echos have to be under the same account?

Re: Help in setting up my 5 Echo dots with 3 users
« Reply #1 on: January 09, 2019, 06:03:35 pm »
you can also call other echos using yours - similar to drop in.  IMO, keep separate accounts-mainly to keep your account info separate.