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What Just Happen To Device Names?

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What Just Happen To Device Names?
« on: December 19, 2018, 10:42:49 am »
I've had  3 Alexa Echos ver 3 set up  for several weeks now and working fine. I only have 3 plugs controlling lights in 3 rooms named Bedroom , Living room and Kitchen. suddenly this morning every command to turn those plugs on or off from any of my 3 echos results in the reply " a few things share the name bedroom(kitchen,living room) which did you want?". Also now the "lights" group can no longer be named lights. I did not change anything since last night. To fix this , hopefully temporarily, I renamed the devices bed,food, and main. Also renamed lights group to all. Alexa is now working again with the name changes. So what happen???