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Amazon Fire Stick with Remote = Cheapo Echo

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Amazon Fire Stick with Remote = Cheapo Echo
« on: April 13, 2016, 04:49:06 pm »
Hey guys I have a neat trick if you dont want to wait for amazon to ship a dot or echo remote...use the firestick ($50 retail)

Here's what I did, first off I have a smart TV and no need for the firestick features...except I wanted an Echo device in my living room for the voice control. Issue with using the firestick is you have to have in on a TV right...NOPE! If you have an AV receiver with zones and HDMI input you can plug it in there and leave it on BOOM instant cheapo echo!

1. Plug firestick into a TV and set it up
2. In the settings menu turn off the screen saver!
3. Remove from TV and plug into AV receiver
4. Power on and Set zone on AV receiver to input you plugged echo into (firestick boots in seconds)
5. Switch to main zone leaving echo on in the previous zone
6. Use Firestick Remote as echo remote!

I tested this overnight and it works great with the one caveat that you can't hear the voice acknowledgements, now I have a echo remote in the living room!
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