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Wemos not seen by 1 of 4 Echos

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Wemos not seen by 1 of 4 Echos
« on: November 16, 2018, 02:02:59 pm »

I have 4 Echos in 4 different rooms and 3 Wemo mini plugs in 3 of the same 4 rooms.  I am able to ask Echo to turn on/off the Wemo plugs from only 3 of the Echos. The 4th Echo does not recognize them but works fine otherwise. In fact we use that Echo the most. The only difference is that it uses an external speaker, a soundbar but can't seem to find the 3 Wemos.  All of our Wemo rules work fine.

Any suggestions on what I can look for to get the 4th echo to see the Wemos.