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DOT 3 UK - cordless 'wake' button - replace 'wake' word with pocket button

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Hi - I really dont like having to continually wake device by endlessly repeating a 'wake' word

Anyone come up with an easy way to make the 'wake' button, cordless? - I know there is a large voice remote, however I would much prefer an Amazon Dash button type solution

This way, assuming there is a minimised 'wake' delay when button is triggered (compared with slightly annoying voice command delay) you can virtually chat, in a much more relaxed style to Alexa - be more impressive to friends with little Alexa experience.

I imagine the control is part of the main PCB so not easily physically hacked, however there must be a s/w solution? - failing anything simple, then I could simply mount an r/c nano servo over button, such that the arm sweep gives one cycle per remote button press (electrically bridging the terminals would be more satisfying and neat

I also wish to make it portable by adding a rechargeable base - I contacted the main manuf and they dont have a 3rd gen in development.

Any ideas / lateral thinking? - I am a nuts and bolts man, not a coder - so keep it simple :)