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Alexa Shopping List. Anyway to add carriage returnsbetween items when emailing?

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First post.  I love our Echo so far.  I like the integration.  I currently have Alexa email my wife and I a shopping list to our Gmail account when we update, add, or delete an Item from our shopping list.  My wife hates the format (I do too but if she hates it, she wont use it.)  When we receive the email it is in one long paragraph.  All the items are separated by Commas.  Does anyone know a work around to add carriage returns <br> between the items at the commas automatically or a better way to do what I am doing and have an actual LIST instead of a run on paragraph?

as far as I know there is not a workaround.  maybe try different ifttt recipes and see if there is one that will do it for you.  seems to me evernote does things a bit different.  First install evernote on your phone, then install the evernote widget and then ifttt evernote recipe and see if it does the list a bit better. 

I have the same request. I've set IFTTT to create a txt file on dropbox with the list, then wappwolf to send it to google cloud print.

It works, you say "Alexa what's on my shopping list", and she reads it and it prints :)
But it's too fugly to be of any use.

I'd guess the creator of the IFTTT trigger would have to enhance the output, but I don't know who makes them. Is it IFTTT, Amazon, or an interested third party?

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I haven't used this, but there is a recipe on IFTTT for Alexa and Google Drive that will add a shopping list item to a new row in a spreadsheet. Just search IFTTT for "alexa google drive" and you'll see it.