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cloud cam

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cloud cam
« on: September 10, 2018, 05:48:11 pm »
anyone have the cloudcam.  if so are you having any problems with home/away?   I have no problems with them turning off when I get home but they will not turn on automatically when away, no matter the miles.  I really would like to get this fixed since I am forgetting to turn them on when away which basically make them useless.   I have no problems with home/away on the nest cam. 

Last night I was forced to change my mobile phone plan to unlimited because the cloudcam would not go into away mode automatically.  I manually turn them on (got 2) and forgot to turn off the app where it had live feed -   getting old so am forgetful.   In four hours I used over three gigs and only had the 3 gig plan.  In other words, I went over since I was already 10 days into the month.  If I did not change plans, they would have charged overage.   Oh well.    Not the first time it happened but the first time I did not catch it within an hour.