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Echo Dot & Spotify - How to "see the Echo Dot on more than 1 device?

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This is for an Echo Dot gen 2. I have an (Canada) account and I'm the main user, so the Echo Dot is associated with my Android phone. Setup's good and I can do all the Alexa things I need. Great.  :)

I also have Spotify Premium (family). When I'm in the Spotify app, I see "Dray's EchoDot" in the list of devices at the bottom and I can select it to stream music out of the Echo dot. I've read that for some people it disappears but that hasn't happened to me. All good.  :) :)

Now, my wife and 2 kids (all Iphone) want to do the exact same thing: Not"connect my phone" over bluetooth to beam music to the EchoDot from their device, but actually switch to the EchoDo as a device from inside the Spotify app. I can't get it to work.  :(

Is this actually possible?

Not sure if it is, but I've been installing the alexa app on phones, researching amazon (or is it Alexa?) household, rebooting, disconnecting... No dice. I'm the only person who can see it as a device in Spotify. Tried on my wife's iphone with her account and on my kids phones, and they don't have amazon accounts at all.  My head's kinda spinning around what's required for each user and phone...   :( :(

Anyone faced this issue and triumphed?  Thanks!  :)