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Calender issue iCloud "something has gone wrong"

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Calender issue iCloud "something has gone wrong"
« on: August 30, 2018, 07:46:37 pm »
Hi all,
new to the forum.

My Echos have stopped letting me schedule any calendar events. It lets me go through the whole set up like it's going to work then Alexa says that she can't access my calendar and something has gone wrong and to try again later. Every thing else works fine and Alexa can read my calendar and tell me my next appointment so it's some sort of write error? I already called tech support at both Amazon and Apple (I use iCloud) and both were great except they don't know why this is. It used to work all the time. Maybe someone's update broke this feature. I've done all the trouble shooting that can be done. It's just this one issue and it's driving me nuts. LOL  ;D