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Spotify - selective choices

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Spotify - selective choices
« on: July 30, 2018, 02:15:04 pm »
Once I changed the default from Amazon Music to Spotify, I started asking alexa to play a variety of artists, without a problem - until I asked it to play my band, namely FAST CAKES. Alexa insists there is no FAST CAKES on Spotify, but I know there is - there's four albums spanning eight years, but alexa says no.
My suspicion is that alexa may be limited to the more popular artists, and the more obscure will not be on "the list", if so, that will explain this.
I did get alexa to play a FAST CAKES song eventually, by giving it the song title (a unique one I suspect - "Every City Has Its Own Soundtrack") without naming the band - but that seemed like cheating!
Is there any trick I can use to get alexa to accept the band name?