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Re: Assistance - My Echo never discovers all my WEMOs
« Reply #1 on: March 18, 2016, 04:20:29 am »
My Echo will only discover 9 or 10 of the 12 WEMOs I have. I run discovery over and over with same results.

My WEMO app finds them all and a network search finds them all with IP and Mac address, only the Echo can't find them all.

Anyone have any ideas??

what do mean when you say wemo?  are you talking about the wemo crockpot, coffee pot, insight switches, bulbs, wall switches or other.  We need to know exactly what you have if you want help.  Remember, not all wemo devices are not directly compatible with the echo. 


Re: Assistance - My Echo never discovers all my WEMOs
« Reply #2 on: March 18, 2016, 05:04:38 pm »
I find the same thing (and I am referring to Wemo switches which are compatible). Echo still seems able to control them on command even if the echo app insists they are offline so I don't worry about it. On the other hand if you mean they don't appear at all in the echo connected home devices list, first try a power down & up (of both the wemos & alexa), but if that doesn't work best thing to try is a full reset of the wemos in question via the wemo app.  I've heard people having issues with them, and others recommending a full wipe and reset when you first buy them as you they seem to be more stable generally then. I adopt this policy whenever I add a new wemo. I set it up, then do a full wipe, and set it up again. I've not had any of the issues you see reported on many forums, other than the odd wemo global platform short outage or planned maintenance which affect everybody. I have about twelve wemo switches.