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Scheduling music to start at a scheduled time and then stop at a scheduled time

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I want the echo to play music or a radio station during the evening hours when we are away to make the house sound lived in.  I can schedule a time for the music to start but have found no way to tell Alexa to stop at a specified time.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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You could always just tell it to turn off the music in xxx minutes or hours.  It will confirm the shut off time for you.


The problem is when I'm away I can't  tell Alexa to do that and I can't find a way to give Alexa a command on a Schedule


Hm a command to 'shut up'  does seem to be missing from routines... Workarounds might be setting the volume to 0 or selecting a playlist of a specific length in the routine.


You can't stop the music from playing in your app? I can control music on my app. Why can't you do that?

I was in Canada and I was able to turn on/off my light using my voice in the app.

I have a cam in my bedroom so I can see it real time. My mind is blown.

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There's a song called "One Second of Silence" on Amazon Music. I have used this in a Routine to effectively stop it playing.