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How to know my mom's drop-in-on-able without being glued to my Echo Show all day

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My 90+ year old, legally blind mother of limited short term memory and dexterity, LOVES her Amazon Echo Show. I'm in Texas. My younger sister is in Colorado. My mom is in northern California with siblings three to 20 miles away. She has an Echo Show at her apartment at her assisted living apartment.

Back when she was at home (a bit over a month ago) she would eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner in the breakfast room and her Echo Show was right there 'watching her'. Because of this my Echo Show (and that of my siblings) would indicate she's there to be dropped in on. She loved it. She doesn't have the dexterity or mental recollection to know how to click or swipe or issue verbal commands, but when one of use 'drops in' on her to say "Hi!" it makes her day. That she can handle.

Now that she's in Assisted Living her apartment is for sleeping and dressing and little else. She doesn't watch TV there or read or knit or anything else that would have her active in front of the Echo Show. Either she's there and her hearing aids are out and she's in bed asleep. OR she's up and dressed and off at the dining room. As such the 'window of opportunity' to drop in on her is greatly diminished.

We COULD imagine to sit at OUR Echo Show all day and look for the little icon of the head and shoulders indicating (?) movement at her end. BUT  that doesn't sound like an idyllic existence.

What would be better would be if Echo could message me or email me whenever it detects motion in front of my mum's Echo Show. Maybe there's a way to set that up, but it's a 'skill' I don't know. I'd even be willing to install some other 'motion detector' that emails when tripped.

Big thanks in advance for any advice.


you need some sort of web or security cam for that.  they detect motion and will email


for similar reasons we purchased a couple 'wyze' cams and placed them in the two rooms our mom stays in most times during the day. motion and sound activation options in the app. no fees at all for cloud or local storage. for us a wonderful pairing with her echo units. we've had them going now for about six months with out a glitch.

fyi you do need to have either and android phone/tablet or apple device for the app this uses. for some bizarre reason even though wyze is a company comprised of amazon engineers there is no fire app, yet?

*if ever the echos were to go down in mass these little cams can also transmit audio both ways(vid is one way). a cheap under thirty buck plan B so to speak.