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Alexa cannot find my Pandora stations

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Alexa cannot find my Pandora stations
« on: June 22, 2018, 05:31:50 pm »
We had Alexa for several years, and have asked her to play our Pandora stations successfully all during this time. Last week, we purchased an Echo Show and had unplugged Alexa for a day while we used the Echo Show.

The Echo Show isn't what we wanted it to be, so will be returning it. We plugged Alexa back in, removed the Echo Show from our app, and have tried having Alexa play our Pandora stations again. She keeps on saying, "Sorry, I can't find that station".

When we open up our Alexa app, we see our Pandora account successfully linked, and chosen as a default device. We can click on our stations on the app and have it played on Alexa, but each time we use a voice command, she states she cannot find that station. She will play our last station on Pandora, but ANY station we ask for from Pandora cannot be found by her when we ask her to play it.

We've unlinked our Pandora account and relinked it. We're trying to avoid uninstalling our Alexa app and reinstalling it, for fear that we'll lose all the voice recognition and skills, etc., that have been invested into (are we wrong to think we'd lose all that info?).

Any idea what could be causing this voice issue where she can't find our stations, but it shows up in our app and can play from there?