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What devices to buy

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What devices to buy
« on: June 22, 2018, 03:40:23 am »
Hi everyone,

I have been wanting to get Alexa. I want to control as much as I can through Alexa.
The use i want to give is control tv, music, lights.. make video calls.. pretty much all it can do.. but, i am unsure how the devices work, like witch ones I have to buy. Thats why i need the help of the experts  ;D ;D

Re: What devices to buy
« Reply #2 on: June 24, 2018, 06:40:18 am »
Well you will have to buy other things to control devices such as your lights and TV. You can easily make video calls on both the Show and Spot. I have to say, I've got both and wouldn't buy either again. The show is far too expensive and in my view "clunky"; by that I mean a bit unreliable. Sometimes it picks up what I am saying, other times I have to say it three or four times ....... and of course with the video, you can ONLY video call someone else who has a compatible device or has the app on their phone. The Spot is an expensive alarm clock in my view. The screen is too small really for video calls and I don't like the sound quality. I had mine in the kitchen on a shelf but then when I realised that I was having to get really close to see the screen writing, I moved it to the bedroom, covered up the camera lens and now it's my alarm clock!
I love the Echo and the Dot but am really frustrated with them at the moment as you cannot make landline calls in them as you for free on another well known device..........
My lights are controlled using the Philips Bridge (something else you need to buy) along with the special light bulbs. You can of course just use the TP controllers in the plug sockets; they look a bit like a plug in timer (you plug a device into this and then plug the whole thing into the wall), a bit bulky but they do a good job with the app installed on the phone. The TV can be switched off and on using a TP but changing channels - no - unless you buy other equipment.
I've had all the devices since they first came out and upgraded when the 2nd generation came out.
That said, I am really close to moving from the Alexa set up to the Google Home and Mini. I can keep all my other "link equipment" and the real advantage is that I can use the Google search engine on these (not available on the Alexa without a patch which I've been unable to get to work) and of course, the free calls to landlines even if that person doesn't have a Google device. Alexa has been too slow to release this function for me.
Hope this rambling helps!
Basically, BOTH setups have their limitations - but for me the Alexa is falling behind, hence moving.