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Tunein Radio Show Podcasts -- Echo always plays same old show as most recent

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Andrew A. Russell

I recently realized that I can ask my Echo to play radio shows:
  Alexa play the Herman Cain show
  Alexa play the Clark Howard Show
  Alexa play the Michel Medvid Show
  Alexa Play the Ric Edelman show

However,  the Echo seems to be unable to determine the most recent show.    The device responds,  "Playing the most recent [show name] from Tunin", but it always plays the exact same show (typically from November or December 2015). 

If I go into the Echo Application, and search Tune-in...   I see many more recent shows. 

As best as I can tell,  this is a translation issue where Alexa isn't able to interpret the dates and translate the request to pick the most recent show sorted in descending chronological order.   

This is somewhat annoying, because it would be great if the Echo could accurately determine the most recent podcast based on date.   

Why not tell Amazon about this?  This has been mentioned here before. We here can't fix it; but they can.  Call Echo support.