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How to connect 3rd Gen echo dot to ethernet

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How to connect 3rd Gen echo dot to ethernet
« on: February 10, 2019, 12:59:59 pm »
I am currently looking at elimination the wireless radiation in my home. I have 3 3rd Gen echo dot's and an echo spot in my home. Since their is no ethernet port on these, i am currently using Wi-Fi to connect these to the internet. Does anybody know if there is an adapter or something that i can use to hardwire these devices into my ethernet network.

Re: How to connect 3rd Gen echo dot to ethernet
« Reply #1 on: February 10, 2019, 02:37:22 pm »
There is an ongoing discussion about this topic in another thread here.  Always a good idea to check forums before posting.,4042.0.html

THat said, there is a common misconception among some people with NO training or real knowledge of electronics that the minuscule amount of RF energy from our devices is harmful.  It is not.  A router is limited to 100 milli watts of power by FCC  not to protect us, but other electronic gadgets from interference. You need to google for and check credible sources for the FACTS.

As long as a router is on, it is emanating the 100mW.  A device being wired will solved nothing other than avoiding a weak wireless signal to get the job done.

If anyone feels strongly that the minimum amount of RF near them is "bad" they need to turn OFF routers, computers, cell phones etc. and return to the dark ages.  Also, stay away from the SUN -- the biggest RF "offender" of all!