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Echo Connects to iMac when I want my iPhone

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Echo Connects to iMac when I want my iPhone
« on: April 05, 2018, 02:29:05 pm »
Hey guys!
I literally bought my echo a few days ago. I have the echo connected to my spotify on my iphone as well as my imac. However today when i tried connecting the echo to my actual iphone (not just spotify) it says its connecting to my phone but it connects to my iMac? So i deleted echo from my imac bluetooth and tried it again and this time it worked. Only now i cant have both my iMac and my iphone be devices i can pair with otherwise my echo reads my iMac as my phone and I know that my imac is called my iMac in bluetooth so I really dont know what to do.

My ideal situation is that I can tell Alexa "connect my phone" and it will connect to my iphone AND i can say "connect to my imac" and it will connect to my computer.. However at this moment, my iMac is my iPhone to my Echo.

Thank you to however helps out as im so new to this!