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Connect Echo Tap to iPhone hotspot

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Connect Echo Tap to iPhone hotspot
« on: May 22, 2018, 01:56:18 pm »

I was able to connect my Echo Tap to my iPhone hotspot, but it wasn't a straight forward process and frankly the directions on the Amazon website,, and the prompts within the Alexa app were full of inaccuracies.  I thought that it might be helpful to add the steps that I took for future visitors.

1. Your Echo tap must be the current version. 
 - As of today the current software version for the Tap is 608488020.  Check this in the Alexa app by selecting your device and scrolling down to 'About'.  Click it and compare.  Amazon lists the current software versions at this link:

2. Let your device update itself if needed.
 - Your device does this automatically, but it takes some time.  Just connect it to your home wifi in the usual way, and then leave it alone.  I turned off the 'Hands-Free' option in the app so that my Tap could download and update itself undisturbed.  I left it overnight and when I came back in the morning it was updated with no further action on my part.

3. Update your Alexa app in your iPhone 
 - During later steps the app will give a message saying that the app needs to be updated.  This message never goes away even after I updated, maybe they'll fix this and maybe they won't but it can't hurt to update your app.

4. In the Alexa app change your 'Wi-Fi Network' setting
 - Open the app, select your device, press 'Change' in the 'Wi-Fi' section. 

   Other devices will automatically go into setup mode with the orange ring, but the Tap DOES NOT for whatever reason.  Force it into setup mode by pressing and holding the Bluetooth/Wifi button located under the power button for five seconds.  Your status lights should change to orange. 

   Go to the wifi on your phone and connect to the 'Amazon-XYZ' network as per usual setup.

5. Following the voice prompts, go back to the app and advance to the next screen to tell the Tap which network to connect to.

 - When you scroll to the bottom of available networks you will see an entry that says something to the effect of 'Use this device as a wifi hotspot'.  As you scroll down you may notice that a network named iPhone is available if you have already turned your hotspot on.  Try that if you want, but you're on your own, I didn't.

   Enter the network name, probably iPhone, and password.  Get this from your Personal Hotspot setting in your phone.


   After what seemed like an eternity, my Tap announced that setup was complete and instructed me to turn on my Hotspot.  My Hotspot was already on, so I went ahead and turned it off and then back on.  Maybe I did't get a completion message until it was back on, I don't remember, but I did a quick test by checking the Alexa app to see that the Tap was indeed connected to network 'iPhone' and then asking her a question.  She responded appropriately, then I tried turning my Hotspot 'Off' and trying again.  Her lights turned red when I asked her a question initially, but a few seconds later she found my home network automatically connected.

I hope this helps whomever finds this.  Now get your Tap outside and enjoy your summer!