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Volume problem with downloaded podcasts

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Volume problem with downloaded podcasts
« on: July 22, 2017, 05:38:52 pm »
I often download podcasts into my iPad and later play them through my full-sized problem at all.  BUT!!!!

Just tried play a podcast from the same iPad through my Echo Dot, and there it is virtually inaudible.  Yet anything else done with the same Dot has a volume level that is fine.   I even tried changed the Dot volume to level 10 and cranked the speaker level up to the highest possible setting, and then I could barely hear the podcast.  (In fact, I wondered if the Dot or speaker was not working, so I simply asked Alexa (Dot) what time it was and nearly bot blown across the room with an incredibly loud response!)

Any ideas about what could be amiss and/or whether I can fix the problem?  (And, yet, it still works fine if I try playing the same podcast with the same iPad through my full-fledged Echo.)