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How can we force Alexa into a skill context (e.g. Harmony TV, etc)

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Based on this article here:

So I have Alexa working with my Harmony hub and I can say "Alexa, Turn on the TV" and it will turn on the TV.
Then I can say "Alexa, turn up the volume" and it knows I mean the TV volume, not the echo volume.

According to the article there is "some period of time" after asking her to turn on the TV that she is still in "TV context". But how long is that time and what if the TV is already on.. How can we force her to go into TV context?

I've not found any command like "Alexa, switch to TV mode" or "Alexa, set context to Harmony Skill".
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Re: How can we force Alexa into a skill context (e.g. Harmony TV, etc)
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Based on this page:

I looks like maybe I can just say "Alexa, Harmony"

At a minimum, users can just say the wake word ("Alexa") and your skill's invocation name. For example, "Alexa, Daily Horoscopes" would invoke the skill with the invocation name "Daily Horoscopes."

I'll try that when I get home