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How to improve gain for drop in messaging?

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How to improve gain for drop in messaging?
« on: February 04, 2018, 09:47:32 am »
I have three echo's and one echo dot.   When I first got them, drop messaging and calling worked well when I was on other side of the room.   But starting late December, they all became much worse.   For calls I have to stand nearly ontop of the echos.

If my wife drops in messages me from any of the devices, it always sounds like she is a thousand miles away.   In order for me to hear here clearly, I have to raise to volume ten and ask her to speak up.   If she yells, she'll sound like she is in the same room...   Although, I can usually hear her from the basement yelling better than with the echo.

Still the echo's will consistently repeat back what we say with Simon Says.   So it obviously has a clear audio pickup.   It is just for some reason there is an audio reduction rather than a boost when using it.  Is there some way to turn the echo's to have better audio pickup or boost the audio when calling and messaging?