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Echo + app not connecting to internet. ISP blocked? Which ports, urls to check?

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So today when I woke up I realized my echo wasn't responding. I tried the app, and it too failed to connect to the internet saying it was a connection problem.

However the app works fine on 4G or when using a VPN. So obviously something is screwed up via my ISP.

Need to lodge a complaint with my ISP but before I do that I need to identify which url and/or port is blocked

(it is possible that my ISP incorrectly flagged one of amazons URL's and it's blocked all of a sudden).

Can anyone guide me on how i can test this?

Thanks in advance.

It's likely not as complicated as this.  Why not just reset the Alexa device and set up again on your home network?

before messing with the settings ttry a power cycle on both the modem and router first.  unplug both and wait a few minutes, then power up the modem wait until it completely powers up with the right lights, then power up the router.