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What are the 3 - 5 things I should first do with Alexa?

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Re: What are the 3 - 5 things I should first do with Alexa?
« Reply #15 on: January 07, 2018, 05:07:14 pm »
How does a guy get the wife to start using the lists? I try ad try and try and my wife just won't adapt to using Alexa for lists for shopping or anything... LOL... Why is that?
LOL, but actually Alexa has been a lifesaver for me with my wife. She has always hated "all my electronic thingies", but she had bought into Alexa all the way. She uses the shopping lists, timers, reminders, and plays music all the time. I even set up harmony hubs to control 2 of our TVs -- she had always cursed the remotes before and would almost never turn on the TV on her own without having some problem. I guess my wife just likes to talk a lot.