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OK What am I doing wrong here? (Conversation settings)

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OK What am I doing wrong here? (Conversation settings)
« on: December 14, 2017, 11:58:30 am »
I've had an Echo dot for just about a year now but finally some other members of my family are intending to get one so I've gotten interested in the messaging feature. When the iOS app was updated to enable this, I do remember going through the setup procedure, but up to now couldn't use it.

Now I want to try to use it, I've discovered the following;

On the iOS app, I have the messaging option on the bottom, I click this but see no Alexa-enabled contacts (which might well be OK) but also the section where my profile should be is blank, it just says 'My Profile'

Similarly if I go into settings and then the Echo Dot, I don't have any option to enable the Drop-In feature, the setting just isn't there.

So is this normal (like I say, I'm sure that I used to have something in the My Profile section), if I get another Dot for another room and add it, will the Drop In option appear - to use it as an in-house intercom - or has something gone horribly wrong.

Any advice or hints gratefully received.....